Virtual Library

Note: Content of this page is not being maintained. For current information, please see our new site at Virtual Library.

“Virtual” Library

Once upon a time the Guild maintained a hardcopy lending library. At the suggestion of Gered Beeby this was discontinued a few years ago. Most of the books were given away at the Guild Christmas party, December 2009.

Since then there have been efforts to create a lending library, exclusively for Guild members. An initial list has been formed with inputs from Gered, Ruth Leyse-Wallace, and Linda Loegel. This “Virtual Library” is now accessible via the Guild web site.

There are no set lending rules. Each loan transaction will be resolved by the members involved – agreements between one professional and another. This vast amount of information can be shared for the benefit of everyone.

For those members wishing to make their books available to loan, simply provide the virtual information to Gered at or Phone: 760-436-6312). Be sure to include your e-mail and telephone contacts.

San Diego Writers/Editors Guild

Decentralized/Extended/”Virtual” Library

Book Title Owner/ Lender E-Mail Phone
Negotiating a Book Contract By Mark Levine Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
Modern American Usage By Wilson Follett (1966) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
The Elements of Style By William Strunk Jr. & E. B. White (1979) Gered Beeby 760-435-6312
Script Writing By J. Michael Strazynski (1982) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
Harvard Guide to Contemporary American Writing By Daniel Hoffman (1979) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
Working in T. V. News By Carl Filoreto with Lynn Setzer (1993) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
The Oxford Guide to Writing By Thomas S. Kane (1983) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
Make Your Words Work By Gary Provost (1990) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy By Orson Scott Card (1990) Gered Beeby 760-436-6312
Beyond the Bookstore By Brian Jud Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
Grant Application Writer’s Handbook y Liane Reif-Lehrer Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
How to Be Your Own Literary Agent By Richard Curtis Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
How to Write and Sell Your Personal Experiences By Lois Duncan Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor By Gene Perret Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
Publication of the American Psychological Association – 4th Edition Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
Story-Crafting By Paul Darcy Boles Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
The Business of Being a Writer By Stephen Goldin and Kathleen Sky Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing By Tom Ross and Marilyn Ross Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656
The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits By Linda N. Edelstein Ruth Leyse-Wallace 619-445-6656


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