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Part I.  Books

Part II. Articles published in peer-reviewed or edited professional journals or in popular magazines.

Part I. Books

Diana Avery Amsden, PhD.
Book: Atlas Shrugged Index
Contact: Diana

Joseph Bonpensiero
Books: Chocolate Moon
Niputi – The Nephew: Life Under the Shadow of a Mafia Killer
Dinner in Happy Valley (Vietnam War Memoir)

Marcia Buompensiero (pen name-Loren Zahn)
Books: Dirty Little Murders
Deadly Little Secrets

Margaret Coughlin
Book: Fantasy Joins Reality: Fairy Tale Characters Transformed to Contemporary USA

Gene Elmore
Books: D.B. Cooper-Aftermath
The Return of D.B. Cooper
The Turnaround

Corey Fayman
Books: Border Field Blues
Black’s Beach Shuffle
Desert City Diva


Sally Gary
Book: The Best Deals & Steals in San Diego, 9th Edition

Margaret Harmon
Books: A Field Guide to North American Birders: A Parody
The Man Who Learned to Walk in Shoes That Pinch: Contemporary Fables
The Genie Who Had Wishes of His Own: 21st-Century Fables

Peggy Hinaekian
Book:  Of Julia and Men–May be ordered from, and from the author:

Peter William Kent
Books: Here Today and Perhaps Tomorrow, Die Laughing in a Retirement Community
Around the World in 87 Years, Where is Everybody?

Tom Leech
Books: Say it like Shakespeare: the Bard’s Timeless Tips for Communication Success
Outdoors San Diego: Hiking, Biking & Camping
On the Road in ’68: a year of turmoil, a journey of friendship

Edward Lopatin
Books: How to Survive Your Vacation
Manage Your Chronic Illness, Your Life Depends On It
How to Survive Your Promotion

Maggie Marshall
Book: Food is the Frosting – Company is the Cake
Website: www.;

Barbara McMikle
Books: Through The Dark Door of Time: San Diego 1867
The Haunted Mill: Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher retold with a modern setting
The Bones Below: A mystery

Carl A. Nelson, PhD.
Books: Boot Camp Buddies
The Advisor (Cô-Vân)
Secret Players
Madam President and the Admiral
The Message of the Puzzle Ring

Philip R. Pryde, PhD
Books: Conservation in the Soviet Union, Cambridge University Press
Nonconventional Energy Resources, John Wiley & Sons
Environmental Management in the Soviet Union, Cambridge University Press
Environmental Resources and Constraints in the Former Soviet Republics, Westview Press
San Diego: An Introduction to the Region, Sunbelt Publications (5th edition, 2014)

Laura Roberts
Books: Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist: How to Write an Entire Book in Just 72 Hours
Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned from Pop Songs
Edited by Laura Roberts
NaNoWriMo: A Cheater’s Guide
Ninjas of the 512: A Texas-Sized Satire
San Diego from A to Z: An Alphabetical Guide

Mardie Schroeder
Book: Go West for Luck, Go West for Love

Charlotte Thompson
Books: Letters Home
Grandparenting a Child with Special Needs
101 Ways to the Best Medical Care
Raising a Child with a Neuromuscular Disorder
Raising a Handicapped Child
Single Solutions: An Essential Guide for Single Career Women
Making Wise Choices: A Guide for Women
Websites: ;;

Ruth Leyse Wallace , PhD, RD
Books: Nutrition and Mental Health
Linking Nutrition to Mental Health
The Metaparadigm of Clinical Dietetics: Derivation and Applications
Booklets: “Nutrition, Alcohol, Drugs and You”
“Supporting Your Mental Health with Good Nutrition”

Gary Winters
Book: The Deer Dancer

Part II. Articles published in peer-reviewed or edited professional journals or popular magazines.

Catherine Barr
What Is Indexing? Publishers & Writers Monthly. Publishers & Writers San Diego. May 2014
Newbie Reflections. Key Words. American Society for Indexing. Jan 2014
A Newbie Gets Organized. Key Words. American Society for Indexing. Apr 2013.
Notes From a Newbie. Key Words. American Society for Indexing. Jan 2013
Indexing. The Writer’s Life. San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. Dec 2012
Indexing Standards. Key Words. American Society for Indexing. Jul-Sep 2012
More Notes From A Newbie:  The Continuing Saga Of A Newbie Indexing An Historical PeriodicalKey Words.  American Society for Indexing. Aug 2014
The Newbie and the Newspaper. Key Words. American Society for Indexing. Jun 2015
More Notes from a Newbie. Key Words. American Society for Indexing. Aug 2014
For more information: or

Phillip R. Pryde, PhD
The Day the San Diego River Was Saved:  The History of Floods and Floodplain Planning in Mission Valley  The Journal of San Diego History,  Vol. 57, no. 3 (Summer 2011),  pp. 152-184.

Charlotte Thompson
Selection of Articles:
Sudden Death of a Carrier of X-Linked Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 119, No. 9, November 1993
Report of Steroid Efficacy in Duchenne Dystrophy Premature. Pediatric News, 24:9, 1990.
Transition of the Disabled Adolescent to Adulthood. Pediatrician, 17:308, 1990
Recurrent Hip Dislocation in Intermediate Spinal Atrophy. Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics, 10:368, 1990
Going the Distance as a Neonatal Nurse. Neonatal Network, December 988
Adapting to a Child’s Disability. Mothering, 48:13-15, 1988
Pitfalls in Muscle Biopsies of Hypotonic Children. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 27:675-677, 1985.
Hysterical Paralysis. Journal of Family Practice,15:1169-1173, 1982.
For more information:, or

Ruth Leyse Wallace PhD, RD
Articles published in Newsletter of Behavioral Health Nutrition-a practice group of the American Dietetic Association
Anxiety. Fall 2011.
Bipolar Disorder and Nutrition in Adults. Summer, 2010: 1-8.
Nutrition and Schizophrenia: A Review of Selected References. Spring, 2008:
Articles published in Diagnostic Nutrition Network
Ethical Aspects of Clinical Dietetics. 1999; 8: (1) 1-7.
Advancement of dietetic-specific services in an integrated health system. April 1997; 6: (1) 1-5. With Mary Picchioni, PhD, RD
Clinical Dietetics Theory Needed to Complement Nutritional Science Theory. October 1996; 5: (2) 6-7.
Total Fitness as a Psychiatric Hospital Program, Bull of Menninger Clin. 1981; 45: (1) 65-71. With Conroy Robert, Kim Smith, Ed Alexander, Alan Felthaus, & Pauline Levy.
Anorexia Nervosa, Dietetics in Developmental and Psychiatric Disorder. Newsletter of Dietetic Practice Group of The American Dietetic Association. 1981; 2 (2) 1-4.
Adapting the problem-oriented medical record to the psychiatric hospital. J Amer Diet Assoc. 1973; 63: (6) 643-645. With Mary Lou Chappelle, RD
Mood Disorders; Schizophrenia, two Behavioral Health sections of The Nutrition Care Manual 2009. The American Dietetic Association.
For more information:;


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