Marketing Support

Note: Content of this page is not being maintained. For current information, please see our new site at Marketing Support.

Each month before the regular meeting, SDW/EG hosts a Marketing Support Group. Members share their accomplishments since the last meeting and their goals for the future. Presentations on aspects of marketing make up part of the program at some sessions. As the sessions have become more well-attended, the following norms have been adopted for participation at these meetings.

Purpose: Support members’ marketing for their work by sharing, getting ideas, making a commitment.

Premise: If you have/receive ideas, verbalize your intent, and make a commitment re planning your next step and report your results to others, you are more likely to make progress than if you just think about it, perhaps alone.

We have one-hour (60 minutes) for a meeting: 5:30 – 6:30 PM. Most people who attend want to share or ask for ideas. Respect the time limitation and other’s wishes to participate. As more people join this group, respecting time limits is even more important.

Before we begin: Write down your questions and give them to the group moderator (Ruth or her designee):

This step will help us identify issues of interest to more than one person, possibly allowing a separate session to focus on the issue. Alternatively, the group may have already addressed the issue and resources may be available on our website.

Group Process: Starting with those who are actively marketing their work:

  1. Brief statement (1-2 sentences) about what you are marketing
  2. Marketing you’ve already done;
  3. Results – What happened, Did it work?
  4. Make a commitment re what you are going to do next.
  5. Ask for group ideas if you want suggestions – get the name of those with ideas to ask later.
  6. If you have a suggestion or feedback for another person, keep to subject. Conversations can be continued 1:1 after the meeting. Giving a name, URL, etc, in writing is most helpful.

Example 1:  My new children’s book “Playing with Penguins” just came out 3 weeks ago.

  • It is on Amazon and I took it to a book fair in L.A. last weekend.
  • It didn’t get much attention at the book fair.
  • I would like to investigate getting it in the libraries of elementary schools. Has anyone tried this ; how to go about this?
  • Commitment   . . . . . I’ll contact _______ during the next month.

Example 2: I’m writing the final chapter of my historical novel about a woman, based on the life of my great-great-grandmother, on the western frontier in the 1800s.

  • I’ve heard you should start marketing early; I’ve created a website./blog . . I’ve had 100 hits so far.
  • What would be the best thing to do next? Any suggestions about choices for self-publishing?
  • Commitment: . . . .   I’ll get it copy-edited next and explore the self-publishing companies that were recommended.

After everyone who is actively marketing has had a turn,

  1. Items of general interest re: marketing, local resources, internet resources, etc.
  2. If anyone brought a handout for everyone . . . briefly announce it, but distribute it after the meeting to those who are interested.
  3. news about your writing – where you are in your writing projects, the writing process, contests, conferences you have heard of or attended, something interesting you heard or read, etc.

Many of the materials shared during the Marketing Support sessions are available on the website. See below.


Website/Blog/Social Media Resources

Writing in General

Writing to Publishing Process





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