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ARTICLE I – Name and Legal Status

1.1 The name of this organization shall be The San Diego Writers/Editors Guild, located in San Diego, California.

1.2 The San Diego Writers/Editors Guild is a non-profit corporation.

1.3 The Guild endorses the Code of Ethics and Fair Practices of the American Society of Journalists

ARTICLE II – Mission Statement

2. The Guild shall promote, support and encourage the writing arts for adults and youth.

ARTICLE III – Membership Classifications

3.1 Membership shall be granted upon completion of a membership application and receipt of dues for the remaining months in the current calendar year commencing in the month of the application. The Board of Directors may terminate or deny membership to any person with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote.

3.2 Membership classifications:

a. Regular Member: No requirement beyond paying the dues.

b. Student Member: A high school or college student at a discounted rate.

c. Dual Membership: Spouses.

d. Life Member: A member who has purchased a Life Member status. In 2016 the Board of Directors terminated this classification; previous awardees will retain their status.

e. Honorary Member: A person who has been awarded this classification by the Board of Directors by adding stature to the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. An honorary membership continues until terminated by the Board of Directors.

f. Complimentary Membership: Granted by the Board of Directors to persons who provide service or services to the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. Complimentary membership continues for a year, at which time the individual may choose to become a Regular Member.

ARTICLE IV – Membership Dues

4.1 Membership dues shall be as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

4.2 Dues are payable on January 1st.

4.3 The annual cycle for dues is from Jan 1 to Dec 31. Memberships begun in the middle of the year shall be paid until Dec 31 of the current year. If any new member pays for a full year in the middle of the year, their dues will be brought into the annual cycle when the next dues notices are mailed by the treasurer.

ARTICLE V – Membership – Rights and Privileges

5. All members shall have:

  • A subscription to the Guild newsletter.
  • A discount on workshops, seminars as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • A listing in the Guild Membership Directory which is distributed to all members. This directory shall be for members only.
  • Attendance at meetings at no charge.
  • Opportunity to participate in the manuscript review program, for which a fee is charged.
  • The privilege of displaying and selling their own work at all meetings.

ARTICLE VI – Meetings

6.1 A quorum to conduct business at a membership meeting shall consist of members present and at least five (5) board members.

6.2 There shall be a minimum of one (1) general meeting a year in October to elect Board Members.

6.3 General meetings of the Guild will be held as scheduled by the Board of Directors and shall consist of speakers, general business, and/or social activities. Guests will be charged an amount as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE VII – Board of Directors

Directors shall attend board meetings and participate in discussions that become a part of all decisions the board makes and assume responsibilities that may be assigned.

7.1 The Board of Directors shall consist of ten directors. Five will be nominated and elected during alternate years of the Annual Meeting in October to serve a two (2)-year term. Directors may succeed themselves.

7.2 The November board meeting shall be attended by the current (outgoing) board members and the new (incoming) board members.

7.3 The officers of the club shall be nominated and elected by the Directors at the November meeting to assume their duties on January 1st to serve for one year. Officers may succeed themselves.

7.4 The officers shall be

a. President

b. Vice President

c. Secretary

d. Treasurer

e. Membership Chairman

Members-at-large will be appointed to positions of Newsletter Editor, Official Greeter, Social Committees, and others as the need arises by the president, with the approval of the Board.

7.5 In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the President, or acting President, shall appoint a member in good standing to fill the vacancy with the approval of the Board of Directors. The President, with approval of the Board of Directors, may elect not to fill a vacancy.

7.6 The Board of Directors has the authority to hire employees or to contract services for the Guild.

ARTICLE VIII – Duties of the Board of Directors

8.1 President: The President a) shall preside at all meetings, be an ex officio member of all committees, direct the activities and officers of the Guild and represent the Guild at all related functions or assign a responsible representative; b) is responsible for updating Guild Bylaws when required; c) shall be responsible for directing the procurement of the monthly program speakers.

8.1 a. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President in May to nominate directors for the coming year; the nominating committee shall report no later than August 15th to name nominations for the required number of directors for the next calendar year. Nominations shall be listed in the September newsletter and be announced at the September membership meeting. Nominations shall be opened from the floor at the September membership meeting and Directors shall be elected at the September general membership meeting.

8.1 b. The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint the chairperson and a committee to serve as the Odin Award Committee. Duties of the Odin Award Committee shall be to solicit persons suitable for the award, maintain a long list of candidates, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of names of those to be honored

8.2 Vice President: The Vice-President a) shall assume the duties of the President, as assigned, or in the absence of the President; b) shall serve as chairman of the Publicity Committee; c) shall serve as chairman of the Manuscript Review Committee.

8.2 a. The Vice president is responsible for presenting the following awards when directed by the Board of Directors:

1) Rhoda Riddell Builders Awards, for those who do extraordinary things to build or expand the Guild.

2) Special Achievements Awards, for those who have given service above and beyond regular service.

3) The Odin Award, which may be awarded to persons who have been major stimulators of the writing arts of the San Diego community, or made excellent progress in writing as evidenced by their body of published work.

The Odin Award represents the origin of writing. In the words of Lord Russell: [writing is the] “wisdom of many and the wit of one.” As researched by Guild member John Scott Alexander, the word “write” came from the English word “writan,” originally meaning “to scratch runes into bark.” A rune is a letter or character of the earliest alphabet in use among the Gothic tribes of northern Europe. Runic inscriptions most commonly occurred in Scandinavia and parts of the British Isles. Rune is related to the Old Norse word “run” or “secret,” and the word is also applied to ancient lore or poetry expressed in runes, as well as secrecy, charms, and divination. Odin, a Scandinavian given god-like stature for his wisdom, poetry, war, and agriculture, was also a master of magic. Odin is given credit for discovering the runes and introducing knowledge of rune writing.

Section 8. 3 Secretary: The Secretary a) shall record the minutes of each board meeting, and distribute copies to all members of the board; b) maintain copies of all minutes and monthly treasurer reports on file; b) shall read and conduct the general correspondence of the Guild and is responsible for file copies of all such correspondence;c) shall retain the original hard copy of the Bylaws as a permanent record.

8.4 Treasurer: The Treasurer a) shall receive all monies of the Guild, deposit all funds in the designated bank, b) pay all bills authorized by the Board of Directors, c) sign all checks, d) give a written balance sheet to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis, and e) announce the balance to the Board of Directors.

8.4 a. The Treasurer shall file all required tax forms each calendar year. Normally there are no taxes to be paid but there are two forms to be filed: 1) In January the IRS sends a post card that must be filled out and returned. The IRS requires a street address, not a Post Office Box. 2) A form required by the FRANCHISE TAX BOARD is sent each year and must be completed and returned. The Treasurer shall keep copies of all filed tax forms and provide a copy to the Secretary.

8.4 b. The Treasurer, or designee, shall accept new membership dues and guest fees each meeting.

8.5 Membership Chairman: The Membership Chairman a) accepts all applications for membership with appropriate notification from the Treasurer that the dues have been paid for the current year; b) records the person as a member in good standing; c) advises the Board of Directors at the next board meeting that the membership application has been received and filed; d) maintains the membership application forms up-to-date and provides application forms to the treasurer at each meeting.

8.5a The Membership Chairman maintains an up-to-date membership list, deleting those individuals for nonpayment of dues at the end of the second month of delinquency. A copy of the current membership list is sent to the newsletter editor each month prior to the newsletter deadline. If a member is paid beyond December 31st it will be so noted on that member’s address label.

8.5 b. The Membership Chairman shall send dues notices to all members in early November. A second reminder will be sent in January. After failure to respond to the second reminder, the member shall be terminated on January 31st.

8.5 c. A discount may be granted to members who pay their dues before December 31st, after receiving the first invoice, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

8.5 d. The Membership Chairman shall publish a new Membership Directory in March for distribution to all members and to members joining mid-year.

8.5 e. The Membership Chairman will send each new member a Welcome letter during the month following receipt of their membership dues.

ARTICLE IX – Board Meetings

9.1 Monthly Board meetings will be held at a time and place prescribed by the Board of Directors each month. A quorum to conduct business at a board meeting shall consist of five (5) members of the Board of Directors. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of this organization.

9.2 Special board meetings may be called by the President, or with a consensus of three board members who make a special effort to advise all other board members. Special board meetings shall be kept to an absolute minimum.

9.3 Attendance at board meetings is open to all members in good standing, although they have privilege of the floor only with the approval of the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE X – Committees

All committees will be chaired by a member in good standing appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. The members of each committee will normally be recruited from the Guild members. A person who is not a Guild member may serve on a committee if approved by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE XI – Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Guild, all monies in the treasury at the time shall be turned over to a School of Journalism, or be made into a scholarship fund. The selection of said school shall be made at the time of dissolution.

ARTICLE XII – Amendments

Amendments to the bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.

12.1. Amendments to these bylaws were accepted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote and incorporated into the minutes on March 4, 1982; September 13,1993; September 28, 1993; September 8, 1997; March 12, 2001; February 9, 2004; September 13, 2010; January 10, 2012; January 9, 2013; and August 9, 2016.

12.2. The original hard copy of these bylaws shall be retained as a permanent record by the Secretary.

12.3. These bylaws shall be published annually in the membership directory for all members of the SDW/EG.


Ruth Leyse-Wallace, President Date


Barbara Crothers, Secretary Date

SDW/EG Bylaws

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