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SDW/EG member, author, editor, and publisher, Larry Edwards, compares CreateSpace and IngramSpark.

Polishing Your Prose

I hear a lot of chatter (often uninformed or misinformed) about POD (print on demand) services being offered to self-publishing/independent authors by a growing number of service providers.



Ultimately, the author contemplating self-/indie publishing wants to know:

  • Which one is best?
  • Which one is the best fit for me?
  • Which one will give me the best ROI (return on investment); i.e., make me the most money?

This blog provides a quick overview in response to these questions.

Why am I an authority? I have been a POD publishing consultant since 2007, back when Lightning Source (a division of Ingram Book Company) was the go-to outfit for savvy indie authors. (Even the Big Five in New York use Lightning Source when they need a quick turnaround for printing a hot seller.)

I later formed Wigeon Publishing and continued to use LSI because it offered the best pricing, options, and ROI…

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