nanowrimo crestNational Novel Writing Month (also known as “NaNoWriMo”) takes place each November 1st-30th.

Participation is free, and those who manage to complete the first draft of an entire novel (defined by the organizers as 50,000 words) are eligible for writing-related prizes from contest sponsors. Past prizes have included discounts on Scrivener and other software that helps with the novel-writing process, publishing discounts from CreateSpace and Fast Pencil, and more.

Participants receive regular pep talks from published authors, badges to place on their websites and social media pages, and access to a word counter to make sure they stay on track with their writing throughout the month. Indeed, the contest’s rallying cry is “1,667 words or bust!” as this is the minimum amount you must write per day in order to hit 50K by November 30.

Perhaps the best reason to join the contest, however, is the community. Local Meetups and write-ins are regularly scheduled by organizers, and some San Diego writers even take a day-long train trip to LA and back for additional inspiration.

Will you be participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Let us know what your username is, so we can follow each other’s progress, and tell us what you plan to write!

To register, go to nanowrimo.org.