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From the September issue of The Writer’s Life

Before getting very far into the world of writing, becoming a published author, and selling what you write, comes the realization: I need to know more!

If you intend to sell your books, look at these websites of the California Board of Equalization. For regulations, permits and licenses go to

To check the tax rate in various counties and cities go to

Cities in San Diego County have different sales tax rates.

If you need a ghostwriter or copy editing, talk to Andrea Glass at

  • talk to Andrea Glass at www.WritersWay.com . She can also advise on marketing materials.

Marnie Freedman coaches writers from the beginning stages to a finished product. Find Marnie at http://www.thewriterinyou.org.

If you want help with perfecting your product,

  • consult with someone such as Larry Edwards, who provides such things as editing services, manuscript evaluation & critique, copy editing, content editing, developmental editing, book proposals, print book & e-book publishing consultation for nonfiction or fiction. Go to www.LarryEdwards.com. His website also provides a “resources” page, with helpful information aimed at writers.

When you are ready and want to e-publish your book,

  • talk to someone like Rick Lakin at iCrewDigital@gmail.com or go to http://www.icrewdigitalpublishing.com/about-us. In addition to assisting numerous authors to publish digitally, the iCrew website gives you access to view and hear Rick’s podcasts with authors, or sign up for his iCrew newsletter.

At www.Strategiespr.com a writer/author can view the services offered by Antoinette Kuritz and company. They include (among many others): business modeling, marketing/publicity, consulting re proposals, ghostwriting, soliciting reviews for your work, and engaging a printer.

These are just a few places to learn what you need to know as a professional writer.