Antoinette KurtizFrom the August 2016 newsletter

Our August 22 speaker, Antoinette Kuritz, wears many hats: Book developer, author, publicist, media coach, and publishing guru. Not to mention that Antoinette founded the esteemed La Jolla Writer’s Conference in 2001. Her insights appear on TV, radio, and in numerous articles nationwide. Antoinette is well-versed in shaping a rough draft into a polished piece of prose, and she’s an expert on catching the marketing mistakes new writers make in promoting their wares. She has worked with legendary author Joseph Wambaugh, historical writer Victor Villasenor, and many others. Her love of words has grown into a multi-media enterprise. Antoinette is also the mother of three and the grandma of three more. She’ll have a great deal to say on August 22, and she’s looking forward to it. We hope you will, too.