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Introducing AI (that’s capital A and capital I, not the short form of the man’s name Allen), possibly the best agent in the world. Thanks to Larry Edwards for sharing this piece.

Polishing Your Prose

robot_typing_smallForget the literary agent, submit your book to the AI Book Machine . . . but you’d better pick the right one: Intellogo? Inkitt? Or?

The brave new world of book publishing reads more and more like a Stephen King novel.

Big Data? Oh, Brother!

“In this digital future, using machine learning platforms can provide publishers with opportunities to get real-time information about their readers . . .”

Read on: Yes, Machine Learning Can Help Predict a Bestseller

What happened to the monkey?

“Imagine a world where you were guaranteed that a book would sell before it’s even published?

“Data-driven publishing is just the beginning of turning the book selection process at publishing houses into a science. Instead of going through the pitch-rejection process, data will be able to identify genre, style and subject preferences for publishing houses based on reader response.”

Perhaps, but first the book must be written. By whom?…

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