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SDW/EG member Larry Edwards shares his observations on the top ten errors authors make, culled from his years of experience as an editor. Here’s the introduction.

Polishing Your Prose

A ten-part series.


The other  day I went to the dentist (yes, editing is a bit like pulling teeth) and my hygienist told me she had just read a book written by one of her other patients. She liked the story, but she said the book had so many errors that it distracted her and  left her feeling embarrassed for the author. She debated whether she would read any other books by that author.

Errors in written material are like potholes in roads.

With the ever-increasing number of books being self-published today, I fear this will become even more common.  (Yes, I find errors in books from the big publishers, but it’s typically one or two, and rarely four or five, not scores of them.)

Clarity, not confusion.

grammar_5_common_mistakesAs an editor, I want published authors (self- or otherwise) to look like professionals. To that end, this two-per-week blog series…

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