SDW/EG member Larry Edwards reviews a book he recommends to all authors considering self-publishing books.

Polishing Your Prose

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: A Primer on Contracts, Printing Costs, Royalties, Distribution, Ebooks, and Marketing (sixth edition) by Mark Levine is a “must read” for anyone thinking of  self-publishing a book, or who has already published and wants to consider other options.

Fine Print of Self-PublishingNot only does the primer cover the basics described in its title, it reveals the stark financial realities—“warts and all”—of self-publishing that many authors either do not understand or haven’t learned by doing their homework.

Chapter 8, with its apples-to-apples charts comparing publishing service providers, is worth the price of the book alone. He also explains and illustrates the standard wholesale discount structure in the book industry and how that affects a book’s retail price as well as an author’s earnings.

Here are some of my favorite comments in Levine’s book:

“While it’s great to be a dreamer, in book publishing it’s smarter to be a…

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