Aug 15, 2016, is the deadline for the New Book Bay Science Fiction Contest. Authors are invited to submit original science fiction pieces of at least 1,000 words. Authors may submit up to two pieces. A prize pool of $5,000 will be awarded to five winners:

  • 1st Place:     $2,400.00
  • 2nd Place:    $1,200.00
  • 3rd Place:    $600.00
  • 4th Place:    $500.00
  • 5th Place:    $300.00

Who is NewBbay? The group provided the description below with the announcement of their third contest.

“New Book Bay (NewBbay.com) is a publication startup intent on revolutionizing the way writers create, publish, and connect with their audiences. We believe writers should get recognition and recompense commensurate to the quality of their performance, just like athletes, actors, MBAs, and other professionals. We already have successful authors such as Dennis Goldberg MD, J. L. Herrera, Jessica Harman, and P.J. Lowry, publishing through our platform, and are in the midst of running our third literature contest with cash prizes for winning authors. We don’t ask our writers to show us a publication record, just their passion and skills for the craft.

“We’re building a community where readers and writers can come together and amplify their passions for prose. By nurturing the creator/consumer relationship, we help writers grow and further their craft, thanks to feedback and encouragement from their readers. As they develop, they provide readers with better material and the satisfaction of supporting their favorite writers.

“Part of our new approach includes changing the way authors publish. We give writers control of their books, from the cover art down to chapter pricing. There are no genre restrictions, no limitations on the number of pieces they post, and no fees for posting their work. Our platform gives authors the options to release updates to their readers, offer free chapters to draw new fans, and promote their work as they see fit. They receive 100% of the royalties from their published pieces, less a processing fee (typically 5% + Paypal), which is a higher payout than both Amazon and traditional publication combined.

“We’re creating a place for artistic reciprocity, continual improvement, and creative support. Whether you’re a reader, writer, or both, create an account so we can grow together and create a better story experience.”