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2 Rewards Programs – 8 Million Consumers

Do you have an exceptional, family-friendly book?

Children’s Fiction *  Cookbooks * Family & Parenting * Activity Books

Your book could be included in a national rewards program and enjoy great exposure as well as increased sales.

Jenkins Group has been approved as a sourcing partner for books and book related media for the Kellogg’s Family Rewards® and Pampers® Rewards programs, and we want to help you sell more books.

Perhaps you have heard of or even participated in these rewards programs.

  • Consumers purchase participating products
  • They collect points for their purchases
  • Then redeem their points for incredible rewards – including merchandise such as books!

You can review some of the current rewards offers here at Kellogg’s and here at Pampers.

We are currently looking for unique, exceptional quality books with wide appeal in the following categories:

  • Children’s
  • Children’s Activity
  • Children’s Interactive
  • Cookbooks
  • Unique Coffee Table books
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Parenting/Family
  • Holiday

As a sourcing partner, we are coordinating the initial review and application of book and book related products to the programs. To enter your book(s), please submit two copies with a per-title application fee of $75 to be considered for both the Kellogg’s and the Pampers programs, or just $45 and one copy of your book if you want to apply to just one program. Your book will be held in review and considered for the program(s) for up to 18 months from date of submission.

As a bonus, many titles have seen an uptick in retail sales due to the far-reaching exposure enjoyed through the online rewards catalogs – some people just can’t wait to save up their points for a book, so they migrate over to a retailer and make a purchase.

I look forward to learning more about your book and possibly putting it in the rewards spotlight. Please follow this link to begin your application process, or feel free to contact me with your questions at khornyak@bookpublishing.com.

The fine print: By paying the application fee and submitting your book, you are asking Jenkins Group to consider the book for inclusion in the Kellogg’s Family Rewards® and/or the Pampers® Rewards programs. You understand that selection for inclusion in the rewards programs ultimately lies with the selection committees at the program level, and Jenkins Group does not warrant or guarantee that your book will be selected for either program. Your application fee is not based on selection and is non-refundable. If your book is chosen, you agree to provide deeply discounted pricing for the rewards programs, and you will pay shipping to the designated address. While an increase in retail sales may result from a book being seen in a rewards program, neither Jenkins Group, Kellogg’s Family Rewards® or the Pampers® Rewards programs can promise or guarantee increased sales.
Click here to initiate your application for either program. We will contact you via email once your application fee has been processed.

Kim Hornyak, Director of Book Marketing
Jenkins Group, Inc.
1129 Woodmere Ave., Suite B
Traverse City, MI 49686

P: 231.933.4954 x1013
F: 231.933.0448
E: khornyak@bookpublishing.com