I, too, think NaNoWriMo should offer a badge for every 5,000 words, or at least every 10,000. Now that I’ve passed 25,000, I have to get all the way to 40,000 for my next badge. Yikes!

The Caffeinated Writer

So we made it through the first week. We’re now just about 25% of the way through the month! I find that exciting AND terrifying!

Exciting because we are all moving towards having a first draft of something. And maybe your draft is terrible so far. That’s okay, because mine is too! It’s legible, but lacking SO MUCH that would make it great. But you know what, that’s what December and on is for. Right now, just get it down.

It’s also terrifying because I caught myself at a stonewall. I’ve hit my slump already, and that’s never a good sign. It appears that once I reached my first climax (the one I already knew about), my will died off. My MC is attempting to hide a body right now, and I feel like I’m forcing it a little bit. Maybe it’s because there is no dialogue here (LOL). Then…

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