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Because it is so much easier to set up a website with WordPress.com than setting up a WordPress.org site, here are tips to get you started within minutes. No web site hosting service needed. No url domain registration required.

The Daily Post

Each day, over 20,000 people sign up with WordPress.com. Some want blogs to share passions and make friends. Some want a website to promote a product, an organization, or a business. Still others — including artists, musicians, designers, authors, and more — want a website to showcase their creations. Want to know how to turn that blog into a static website? Read on! This post is for you.

I know my way around — what’s the skinny on getting a static homepage?

  1. Create pages.
  2. Create a custom menu.
  3. Select a static homepage.

1. Create pages

What would you like to share with your site visitors? If you’re a business, you might want to share a little bit about the company, its location, history, and offerings. We recommend creating a page for each of these items. You might still want to have a blog — where you share…

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