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Our next meeting is on Monday, June 22, the usual fourth Monday of the month. Note that it is NOT THE LAST MONDAY OF THE MONTH as June is one of four months this year blessed with five Mondays.

Donna Eckstein, PhD, graduated from United States International University (now Alliant University) and has over 25 years of clinical, teaching, writing, and research experience in psychology. She has published articles and self-assessment instruments with themes related to geriatric, health, and sport psychology. She was a contributing author to a text, Gerontology: An Interactive Text, (2010) which examined research in gerontology from physical, sociological, and psychological aspects of aging. Her writing included two chapters on Psychological Experiences and Psychological Expressions of Aging. Dr. Eckstein currently teaches doctoral courses in psychology at Capella University and serves as a mentor and committee member for dissertations utilizing graduate-level writing and research skills in the field of psychology. In addition, she is an Associate Professor in the Emeritus/Older Adult Program with San Diego Continuing Education. She teaches a course, Our Stories/Our Lives, for adults 55+ in a classroom and online. In this course, students explore psychological concepts related to human growth and development as they reflect on their experiences and expressions of life influences and events. Effective communication skills are incorporated into presentations and publications utilizing creative writing and/or eliciting expressive life stories.